PSYCHOPOMP: the spiritual guide of a living person's soul.

In past morrows materialised a Psychopomp, tasked to take mortem in the mortal ground, and drop them off at Station Afterlife.

Best alike a conductor of souls!

But those spirits! Inane pariahs, they were! Insufferable! Even contumacious in the very face of death!

The Psychopomp had to deal with their incessant complaints and complacencies! Crying about menial things like emptied time and relations, naysaying room for saving grace!

And keep in your noggin the notion that the deity did not have the power to extinguish, just guide.

Eons and centuries passed. So the Psychopomp went moony under lunacy!

Mania festered in its cordiform crevice. The Psychopomp would no longer be Charon across Styx.

Animates collectively shared with inanimates, abolishing death in limbo.

Now, here we have an odd couple of friends indeed, thrown into the mix with all of this mess. How pathetic! So why take my word for all of this? Why don't you ask them about it?