the whereabouts of my driftabouts


this dream apparently took place on an island, but it didn't seem like an island at all. in fact, it looked rather modern. i noticed the statue of liberty in the distance, and it was leaning back and forth as if it was going to topple over. i sat down on a big field to watch the statue, where i'd be far out of reach if it did fall. some other people were sitting down too, as if it was a performance. helicopters appeared and flew around the statue, and lowered ropes with hooks to pull the statue back upright. however, it would tilt again and again. the third time the helicopters tried this, the statue finally held for a fleeting moment before careening down into a tall, yellow building. as i watched her green locks fall, a briefly holding out to the sky, someone from an airport next to me let out a blood-curdling scream to mourn the loss of the statue of liberty.


i was in a strangely formatted shopping mall, with a thin walkway and shops lining each side and stacked on top of each other. one of the shops was a phone shop that proudly advertised "1 happy customer!". the whole place seemed like a paradox; i'd walk into a shop and go across the room, and then a door would lead outside to the road facing the shop front.


i was sitting in a car, which was driving over a congested road at night. it was congested because ahead of me was this purple, spherical building that was suppposed to house some sort of concert. there were colorful spotlights dancing off its reflective surface, flashy to attract guests. i remarked on how beautiful the building was, but then it soundlessly crashed onto the road. my stomach dropped and i woke up.


my sister bought 3 nerf guns and one of them was called "toe eater".

14/4/23: hypnopompic hallucination!

hallucinated my bathroom door being a swirling mess of orange and blue.


at around 5:30pm i kept falling in and out of sleep, but i had a series of mini-dreams where a girl from a fiction book that existed in this dream was trying to contact me. she'd try to describe some event to me through the phone, but then go silent all of a sudden and i'd wake up. this repeated as i fell back asleep, but the more it went on the less she'd talk and the more frequent the silences became until i finally woke up.


i swam through an underwater corridor and faces kept showing up in the water. the dream ended with me playing a video game about a small creature with a sewing needle who beheaded a teddy bear and put its stuffing into a wallet for money.


my task was to find and unlock a safe. when i found it, i opened it up and found a shriveled up man inside, his limbs contorted into the claustrophobic crevices of the safe, slack-jawed in frozen terror. i also visited a topiary animal garden, and i had to answer questions on a worksheet. it had questions like "do the sea animals thrive in colder or warmer temperatures?"

17/9/22 (somehow i wrote down this dream twice)

i was in my house, but something was off. the layout was different and i could feel that something was there too, trying to get me. there were some unfamiliar people there too. i was the only one who could sense something coming and i knew that all of us were targets. i ran out of the blank room i was in, leaving the others. i was in a cubed room with a brown carpet, empty save for a square hole cut neatly in the center of the floor, surrounded by a thin banister like it was supposed to be a staircase. i could sense it getting closer. i jumped down the hole, and found myself in a cramped bedroom. i locked the door above and noticed a back door behind me. i turned the knob, praying that it was unlocked. a sudden wave of gratitude rushed through me as the door gave way with a steady clunk. i found myself in an empty city at night. it seemed to be about 2 or 3 in the morning. i took some time to explore, walking through empty shopping malls, chinatowns, and dentist offices. someone approached me, and said that i should get home before something would catch me. but i couldn't find my way back.


talking dog at my house got put in a birdcage.


a desolate food court, painted in a muted turquoise-green, a little like the walls of room 237. there were lots of circular tables, but only about 3 shops. one was a garfield shop selling garfield merchandise with its walls painted in black, a starbucks and this small shop that sold fish... circles... they were called fish tous. when i asked to order one, the person at the counter asked if i wanted one or two drinks. naturally, i took too long to decide but decided on one drink. he gave me two and didn't charge extra.


i was standing in a wide-open field full of kids. half of the kids were stood at the sides of the field, and the other half volunteered to sit in columns. a student was instructed to cycle around the field on a bike and then blow up the children. when she refused, a teacher stepped forward and set off the bomb instead. when the bomb went off, i noticed that the field got covered in ground meat, so i knew that it was fake. turns out the rest of the students were hidden under the field in a big grate so that the could be rescued.


i drove along a tightrope-thin rope and stopped by a house mid-construction. i climbed up some ladders, passing some construction men, and ended up in a blackwalled labyrinth. turns out i was backstage in a theater, and i woke up before i could perform.